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Machine Made Hand Finished


 We work with integrity throughout the entire manufacturing process, up until the good have arrived in perfect condition to our customers.


Everybody who we work with aims to achieve the same goal and so we believe honesty is essential in all our relationships, which is why we have business relationships that have lasted over 10 years


 For Safa Teks, creating meaningful products that last for a long time and that people can value is a top priority as prayer mats are highly beneficial for Salah, which is the key to Jannah, and so we believe the quality of our products should live up the beauty of their purpose.

About us

Safa Teks is a renowned global business specialized in selling high end quality prayer mats. It was founded in 2002 in Turkey and this year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. Our origins, however, root back to our ancestors 3 generations ago, who were experts in making hand produced prayer mats. The name ‘Safa Teks’ originates from the founder’s sister’s name as we wanted to symbolise our family roots.  To increase the scale of our business, we took on the challenge of using our resources to create a factory that produces only the best quality prayer mats, inspired by the handiwork of our ancestors. Today, we can proudly say that we ship our goods to over 25 countries worldwide on a monthly basis, Alhamdulillah.

A prayer mat is a key item Muslims use in Salah to communicate with and worship our Creator, which gives it huge value and meaning. As such, we believe that it is important for our prayer mats to be beautiful, given their purpose, and also of high quality to ensure maximum comfort throughout the 5 daily prayers. The green in our logo refers to Islam, as we are aiming to help our ummah establish their praying routine in style and comfort. We hope our prayer mats will increase you in your Imaan and benefit you in this Dunya and the next.


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